109: Trail enhancement

This weekend, the boys and I laid some locust posts on the ground, dug around them a bit, and threw down some mulch over the mud.  It's nicer than climbing a bank to access the trail to the cabin...

There's definitely a right way, maybe more than one, to build steps.  And there are many wrong ways, one of which I chose -- the steps should rest on a flat surface, and they should be tied down with stakes or pins.  But I just wanted an easy way up the bank, and rustic is OK.

108: Tour!

107: Burning Pig Festival at Coldholler

sqWHEEal!  The "WHEE" is for Cullowhee, of course.  Coming in August, prepping now.  Burning Pig will be held in the Coldholler.  Somebody will sleep at the cabin, I'm sure...

We'll be cooking a 120 pound oinker from Trillium Farms, right down the road in Whittier.

106: cleanup!

Today, I moved the woodpile from the cabin to the truck, and Abel and I picked up a ton of free sawdust at Ralph's.  It'll compost into nice trail dirt all around the cabin.  It was impressive seeing Abel pick up the large shovel and fill all of our containers.  I should have taken video -- he was proud.  Here are some pictures:

105: Screens and a door latch!

I tacked in some screen in the four windows -- two obvious big ones and two triangular vents up high...  And, I fashioned a sliding peg-latch that can be opened from inside or outside.  It's not complete; I'll carve some pretty knobs and smooth everything some more.  Here:


Big screen!

I'll carve a knob for this...

and another knob for the inside handle...

I wanted a latch that little boys could handle, and one that wouldn't work from just one side of the door (the bad implications are obvious).  The handle travels through and works from either side.  This was difficult using hand tools, so I bent my own rules, but just a bit.

I'll replace the jamb receiver with a hand carved something or other...  Look for updates.  No rush.

Can't see the screen from inside.  I was going for that!

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