105: Screens and a door latch!

I tacked in some screen in the four windows -- two obvious big ones and two triangular vents up high...  And, I fashioned a sliding peg-latch that can be opened from inside or outside.  It's not complete; I'll carve some pretty knobs and smooth everything some more.  Here:


Big screen!

I'll carve a knob for this...

and another knob for the inside handle...

I wanted a latch that little boys could handle, and one that wouldn't work from just one side of the door (the bad implications are obvious).  The handle travels through and works from either side.  This was difficult using hand tools, so I bent my own rules, but just a bit.

I'll replace the jamb receiver with a hand carved something or other...  Look for updates.  No rush.

Can't see the screen from inside.  I was going for that!

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