133: First real cook of 2012

After riding my bicycle 31 days in a row starting January 1, avoiding meat and alcohol for the month, and continuing to ride bikes all spring, I've lost 25 pounds and feel almost as fit as I did when I raced for so many years, as a younger man and with a singular focus.

But it's time to start cooking again.  From now on, I only eat pork when I cook.

Here,  I smoked 90 pounds of Boston Butt in just 6 hours.  Some of it was shy of perfect, but most of it pulled no problem after reaching 205 degrees.  I cooked at 300-315 to accelerate the pace.  I'd say another hour would have been ideal, although the meat that sat on hot spots was developing a very thick bark.  All pulled and mixed together though, it was good BBQ.  My standard will be slower and lower, though.

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Almost done -- look at that bark forming 

The hosts -- Mike bought all that BBQ for less than 30 adults

close that thing - if you're lookin' you ain't cookin'
Passing the time, working off what I'm about to eat

Pulling pork!

Ultimate approval:  "Dad, this pulled pork sure makes me sleepy!"

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