71: Door!

Over the holiday weekend, I used some leftover logs, mostly created from having cut out the windows and the door, to craft a door.  Ripping them was fun.  My friend, Justin, saw it and called it a "stealth door!"  After staining and chinking, it'll blend in for sure.

I learned to draw the saw in one direction, taking my time, to rip the logs.  Cutting shallow and then retracing the same move, from one end to the other, over and over.  Moving it back and forth or haphazardly stabbing at the log results in an uneven slab.

It's as solid as it looks -- the hinges have springs, and the thing is like a rock but closes flush enough to trim nicely.


  1. That does look stout. How are you going to latch it to keep unwanted guests out?

  2. I'm thinking about crafting a sliding dowel that can be moved from inside or outside. Not so worried about locking it against two-legged types, because it won't hold anything worth stealing. But critters are less welcome, for sure! I made it to open outward for bear-prevention purposes. I remember the Leconte Lodge used to have inward-swinging doors back when I stayed there as a child in the early 70s. They changed that after the bears learned to just leeaaaan toward the food.


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