104: Poll!

Although analytics show that we're closing in on 12,000 page hits soon, with a large recent increase, I'm unsure what I'm going to do about this blog when the cabin is finished.  I've enjoyed using it as a platform for other ruminations and topics, evident in these posts (there are more, these are samples):
about NOC
about Scotch-Irish (see comments)
about naming stuff
about Edward Abbey
about Eustace Conway
about boats
about logging roads
about Fall color
about existentialism
about loss, and blessings
about hiking with the family
about being a dad
about my Dad's AT hike
about Trillium and more Trillium
about water
about bad luck

So, obviously, I enjoy digressing from cabin-building.  However, the cabin, its construction, and its use has and will continue to serve as a thread to provide continuity and direction for this blog.


  1. Obviously, whether this blog continues or not is strictly a personal decision for yourself. However, the way I see is...Building the cabin for you and your family is just the beginning. I have enjoyed following your blog and I would also enjoy reading about the ways you and your family utilize the cabin. You have done an excellent job of documenting the construction. Now you can use the blog to document family adventures at the cabin.

  2. Thanks Mike, for the comment and encouragement. That's the way I'm leaning, already. Plus, there are BBQ pits, zip lines, and other things to build and write about...

  3. Where's the "All of the above" option?

  4. How about just Life in the Log Cabin or Life in the Cold Holler.


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