126: New trail!

Last weekend, Abel helped me build a new trail.  Cutting a trail in these woods isn't really hard, although I'm guilty of taking shortcuts.  The science of installing water bars, deadmen, proper steps, and crowned pathways isn't beyond me, it just isn't necessary for low-traffic places like our holler, where our foot paths see easy use and little exposure.  For real trail work, look no further than Tobias Miller and his crews in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Abel and I selected a nice connecting route connecting the cabin with the nice, wide trail that travels down from the treehouse to the depths of a shady, hidden mini gorge on the other side of our Coldholler ridge and the cabin and around to meet the cabin trail on a small saddle.  We cut it diagonally with only a slight gradient, so that it could be walked with little effort.  Abel impressed me with his tenacity and focus.  Not many 6-year-olds will wield a yard tool and work for 90 minutes without complaining.  He made it his job to follow my rougher work with a stiff rake, pulling the loosened dirt more evenly across our trail.

Abel, standing on new trail!

After we finished our trail (about 300 meters long), Sloan and Angus brought a snack.  Actually, she brought beverages and a full spaghetti dinner!  Life is good in Coldholler...

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