129: Windows and good luck

This weekend, I spent some time cutting Lexan and installing it over the screens in our cabin.  It's not super tight -- there'll be draftiness for sure.  But not so much that we'll feel a breeze, and a bit of air flow and ventilation will be necessary anyway once there's any source of heat in such a small space.

I also hung a couple of old cow bells from the door and some chimes from the antlers overhead.  For a final touch, I hung two large horseshoes over the door.  In August, at Burning Pig Festival, my co-cook and old friend, Taylor Watts, brought one for each boy, for fun and good luck.  Taylor raises and uses massive draft horses on his farm in Stateboro and in his carriage tour business in Savannah.  So the shoes are real, and used!  Sloan reminded me to hang them open-end-up, so the luck won't fall out onto the floor...

Helping a little brother along a leafy trail...
Angus like the door bells!

Wow -- horseshoes!
Dad, we can feel the good luck!

Taking the high road home.  Where'd all these leaves come from?


  1. Hey! Just stopping in to say ... Hey :)

    Cabin looks great. Love the bench/bed and the new windows. Oh yeah and "Burning Pig" looks like it was a blast!

  2. Thanks!!! How's your cabin coming along? My oldest boy (6) and I plan on camping out in mine very soon, before the temp drops too much. I'll need to start posting again. Nice to hear from you...

  3. Cabin is holding up great. Over a year now and no leaks or rot. I'd like to get some staining done before the snow flies but time will tell.

  4. Excellent. Yes -- staining was one of my least favorite steps. Make sure you treat the logs first, if you plan on that -- the stain seals Penetreat or any absorbent solution out, just like water. After researching it, I'd do two other things differently -- I wouldn't use polyurethane on the interior (or anywhere), and I wouldn't caulk checks. But the poly does look nice...

    I'll check it out!


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