150: Biking with boys

I took Angus to a parking lot on campus last week, a big, empty one with lots of space and a track-like oval.  This week, I took Abel to an actual track, the "Mellowdrome" in Asheville, where ten years ago I was heavily into racing.

Here are some pictures...

ANGUS, crossing our imaginary finish line. He and I held a "training camp" in the HHS auxiliary parking lot while Abel was in Art Camp. He learned how to pedal uphill in fast little circles instead of crushing up and down on the pedals inefficiently, he learned how to coast downhill with his feet off of the pedals, he learned to start on his own facing uphill, and he learned that pain is weakness, leaving the body. We even sang songs about conquering the headwind, climbing the hill, and coasting:

Took Abel to the Mellowdrome, where he rode 15 miles! He learned to look over his shoulder before moving up or down track, and how to hold a pretty straight, predictable line. Kept him just to the right of the stayer's line, and about 6 or 7 times I'd drop into the sprinter's lane to get in fast laps (43 seconds wasn't too fast, but I was in a 66" gear and it was windy, so hey) while he held me off. From the finish line around, he'd make it all the way around about 600 meters before I'd catch him, forcing me to do a whole kilo (2 laps) and then some. Not bad for a 9yo kid!

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