48: Progress under a tarp

I took this snapshot at 6:45am with a cell phone. I'll post better images soon. As a quick update with no particular emphasis on finer descriptions, here's a list of stuff I've done this week, largely in the pre-dawn hours with a headlamp:
  • Cut two windows
  • Hewn window sills
  • Chiseled walls and erected split/milled vertical center support poles to hold the ridge beam
  • Cut 3" notch in the top of said support pole
  • Drilled all 4 walls and pegged top three logs with rebar
  • Framed interior sides of door and windows
  • Milled door step
  • Cut 2" notches on 24" centers along second top plate logs to hold rafters

In the next two weeks, I'll:
  • Box frame the exterior sides of door and windows
  • Notch and pin down the 2 top plate logs on the load-bearing sides
  • Set the ridge beam, a full-dimension 3x8 milled by Ralph Morgan down the road
  • Install 18 10'-long full-dimension 2x6 rafters by pinning them to the ridge beam and dropping them into the notched top plate, creating an approximately 3-12 pitched roof
  • Plane the window sills
  • Install 16'-long rough-sawn 1x8 planking across the rafters creating a full underlay
  • Tack down 30 weight felt, drying it in
  • Remove the tarp protecting my borate-solution treatment from rain
  • Cut the tails even
  • Install tin roofing

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