51: Rafters and roof planks!

Last weekend, I hung all of the rafters, working alone.

As discussed in Chapter 38, I made some mistakes, but I corrected them. This weekend, Mark showed up at 7am on Saturday, and we got one side of the roof decked with rough-sawn 1x8 pine planking. I couldn't have done it without his help. Later in the morning, I managed to get the other side up by myself, but it was closer to the ground. Sunday, John helped keep me safe working on the steep pitch, moving the rope around and holding the ladder -- it was essential, if not to my actual safety then to my level of confidence.

Both of these guys were generous with their time, and it was more fun because they were there.

Here are some photos!

During the evenings this week, I'll get drip edge nailed down, douse the roof with Penetreat, tack down 30-weight felt paper, and box in the door and windows. Thursday, I'll stay home and help nail down tin on the roof! Oh, to use cedar shakes -- but using a froe to make those would take me a month.

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