57: Wow! Somebody else thinks like me...

This author/builder operated with a slightly different philosophy than did I, but we both built tiny cabins (he used only salvage material, and I used only local stuff) of a Thoreauvian nature and blogged about it. I relied on loads of friends for their healthy backs, expertise, and good company. He worked alone most of the time. His hit-count (on the blog) is even similar to ours!


I found out about it here, on this amazing capture point and resource devoted to projects like mine!


  1. HOW COOL!
    Love your cabin and your blog! So glad you found me. Your doing a much finer job than I am but the similarities are uncanny. Wow .... I mean, like ...Wow! What a small world. Congrats on the beautiful job you've done!

  2. The House of Fallen Timbers blog is now available in "Blook" format! 32 page 9"x7" paperback with 15 color photos and selected entries from May through October of 2010. Available now at: http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/house-of-fallen-timbers/18819577


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