80: Raisin' it (not just the Loft)

I bought a passel of locally-cut and milled boards from Ralph today, to build a sleeping loft in the cabin.  Pictures and descriptions will be posted soon!

Here's the dialogue with lots of gaps between my fedora-wearing 14 year-old nephew Jackie and father-in-law "Pahpah" Jack, at my table this evening.  Maybe Pahpah will teach the boys how to play Texas Hold'em, and the loft will be a great place for the boy posse to congregate over some cards:




Get a white one.

I got two pair, I got queens and dueces and a king kickin.

Ahight it's on you Jackie boy.


On you again.



Hah.  That deuce pays off for me.

I'll be the small and you'll be the big because you'l be the dealer.

Mmm.  I call.  You can check or raise.

You got to raise at least 200.

Ahhhight.  Burn one and flop three.

200.  Call.  Oh oh, I done that wrong.  Call.  Burn one and turn one.

Let's play for 1000 straight up."

Big time eh...

Burn one and river one.

Check.  Check.

I've got you skint.  I got a pair of aces.  You've got a pair of jacks and you didn't make the straight.  mmmm getting back some of my money.



You can do betternthat.  You folded a winner.  Cause all I had was three sixes.

Ima fold my pair of Kings I think you've got a heart.


Give me back my money.

Yeay you've gotcher money back.

What you want to do the way a person bets it can tell you a lot about their hand.


I'm gone call.


Eheh. You've got a queen or ace.


A lot of gamesmanship.  When you set down at a strange table you pay cautious till you learn how people bet.

Oh. You had me beat.  I had a pair of deuces...

100 on me.  I call that hundred.


Ahight.  200.




I'm gonna fold...

I was going by the seat of my pants there... needed a seat belt.

Your time to dance.  On you again.


On you one last time.

I see a check.


That dudn't work.

I was hoping I could bluff you out there.

I had a pocket pair.

and so on.......................

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