86: Stones and old tools, and ladders

I built two windows this weekend, and I'll post pictures soon.  I chose Lexan, because it's stronger than plexiglass but stays clear, like glass.  Here are some random pictures from the weekend...

I spent some time moving from a 60 grit water stone to a 4000, trying to get this plane iron sharp enough to shave...

My Granddad was a civil engineer of some prominence in upstate SC.  He had a reputation for being totally committed to only the highest quality work, and most of all for his integrity.  I only have a few of his tools, including a plumb bob, which he must have used to inspect work sites (he was the principal engineer for lots of our paper and textile mills, including Champion in Canton).  This weekend, up on a ladder in the cabin, I discovered his initials (JHB for "John Henry Bringhurst") 
stamped into its stem.

It'll be a while before I build a wooden ship ladder, so the boys will have to make do with this stepladder...

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