124: Fall photos at and nearby our cabin

I'll begin this post with a picture from last year (more), taken from the Great Smokies Facebook page.  Instead of more posts of fall foliage as the leaves change down at our 3000' elevation in a few weeks, I'll just update this post, so tune back in!  It'll become a bit of a photo essay...

GSMNP foliage -- makes me want to go kayaking!

Black Balsam looks off the other side of the Great Pisgah ridgeline, toward Waynesville and the North.  Totally have to take Sloan and the boys up there in the next few weeks!  It's just a hop, skip, and a jump from here, but by way of a windy, indirect, remote route up Little Canada, or the Blue Ridge Parkway accessed well South of there, at our county line...

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