67: Fall in the mountains

I'll add some more pictures in this post later, taken from the cabin, which perches on a ridge jutting out into a bowl created by the higher Savannah Ridge, our holler like a crevasse in its side. From the cabin, these ridges look like enveloping walls of flame.

I've never seen a more stunning fall leaf season.

Kathy's prognostication in the Tuck Reader was dead-on.

Here's a picture by Michael Hudson.

Our friend Beth snapped this picture nearby, in the same county -- this looks much like the landscape out of our cabin windows!

Here's a picture taken by local environmentalist, gardening expert, musician, and community activist Adam Bigelow:

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  1. I agree-the leaves and weather are amazing. On the one hand, I am sad that I am missing riding the bike this fall. On the other hand, it sure is nice sitting on the porch looking at the leaves.


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