14: Progress report, time to rest for a while...

Cabin update: after I snap a couple of chalk lines and run my skill saw down the edges of the deck, it's back to chainsaws and then on to mainly handtools. There'll be an interruption to these updates until I find time to drop some trees.

Then, there'll be a slow process of using a bark spud and drawknives to prep each log -- anyone wanting to play with a razor sharp, 8lb framing slick can swing by to help notch logs as the walls slowly go up between now and late July.

At that point, we'll nail up temporary external braces around the door and windows, I *may* use a crosscut saw to cut the rough openings (if I'm rushed my Husky is hungry), and frame them in with rough sawn boards.

After prepping the roof beams and rafters, I'll put a call out for a huge roof raising party. After it's dried in, I'll seal everything and wait a winter to chink the walls this time next year -- they'll shrink some as the wood dries.

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