23: Handtools -- adding a striker!

Only posts that describe some sort of action or motion (not mere reflection) toward the cabin's actual progress will be preceded by a title prefaced by the words, "Cabin Chapter..."

Afraid my other wood hammer might break (I made it from a piece of firewood, which could split), I set out to make a proper striking mallet.  I also have two big chisels, or slicks, and I'd like to have a "guest mallet" to entertain friends when we start notching logs.

So I cut a piece of dry oak to length, used a carpenter's saw to outline the handle, took long chips out of the handle end with the big slick, the one that's 8 pounds and that I could shave with, and rounded it off with a drawknife.  Since taking these shots, I finished it some more and bathed it in danish oil.  Weighing more than the slick, it fits nicely in the hand, balances well, and drives a controlled wallop.  If I can drop one or two trees and get the bark off, maybe I'll get a chance to play with it this weekend.

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