19: What's in a name? That which we call a holler...

by any other name would still be fun to build a cabin up in?  Maybe, maybe not.  I like the whole "holler" shtick -- makes it fun and old-timey.

Like my dangling preposition?  I'm a rebel.

Why "Cold?"  Our holler faces north -- it's above 3000 feet.  It's only about 4 miles from WCU but about 5-7 degrees cooler than Cullowhee 12 months out of the year.  We often have many inches of snow when the practice fields in front of the Ramsey Center are dry, and the roads in Webster are clear.  In the summer, it's cool and shady, deep shadows folding over our home by 5pm.  The cabin site faces a bit to the west, so it does get another hour of sunshine.

I'd be interested in what folk think of the name of this blog.  Naming a book, a business, a kid, a song, a road, a pet, a blog, or anything else is always a head game.  It's too easy to think about what might have been, as the feller says.  I'm feeling quite clever about my apt quote and paraphrase, at any rate.

Maybe I should have called it "The Blog Cabin Project."  Juliet would have liked that for sure (what woman wouldn't love my blog and log cabins?); and, it doesn't use a snooty word like "postmodern."

I actually like my use of "postmodern." I'm using a combination of materials, hand tools, and power tools, and techniques. I'm not slave to woodworking tradition or pre-modern processes, nor am I building a modern, improved, purely perfected and defined-by-function dwelling. I like to think it's a highly individualistic endeavor. Borrowing desired (and attainable) materials, methods, and aesthetics from the past, and some function-first ideas from both the recent and immediate present could help it meet some definition of "postmodern," right? 

Any thoughts from the gallery? 


  1. The name of your blog - to me personally - is what caught my eye when googling cabin information. It gave me images of a time long ago and I could picture some feller leading his horse through heavy snow with deer drapped over the saddle as he called down the cold holler to his waiting family.

  2. Thanks! Without having fleshed it out so, I think I was going for that. I appreciate the comment.


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