62: Hammocks!

Lacking room for large furniture, I've wondered what kind of sleeping option would work best out in the cabin. Here's the solution: hammocks!

Come nap time, I'll be strolling up to the cabin. Until I build a door and windows, I'm not so sure about spending the night out there. Several weeks ago, over the sound of our two springs, our resident owls, and the wind in treetops, I woke to the sound of coyotes yipping. We've had more than one bear come through, although they wouldn't bother us unless we were had food. Lots of skunks, raccoons, and possums share our holler, and thousands of bats that probably thrive because of the abandoned mica mines, one right down slope, found by two college students who were building a mountain bike trail, who went into the earth more than 200 feet, by their estimate. Not recommended.


  1. Where did you get the hammock, looks perfect!

  2. E-Bay! I read reviews on backpacker.com first and then went looking!

  3. Hammocks are a great space saver. Also, murphy beds. Great looking cabin you have, saw it on the tiny house blog.

  4. Thanks! Might build a murphy bed eventually but for now, and for kids, the hammocks are pretty fun and a good strategy for sure...


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