68: Small progress on chinking!

I won't be able to fully chink the cabin until it finishes settling and drying under its deep eaves and good roof.  Spring is for chinking.

In conversation, the word, "chinking," usually refers to the whole enterprise.  But it used to describe only half of the process.

I'm still unsure what formula I'll use for the stuff that fills the cracks.  But I am using an old-style method called chinking and daubing.  Originally, chinking meant filling the void with sticks, rock, straw, horse manure, you name it.  Here's an example.  Then, clay would be daubed over it all, filling in the smaller voids and gluing everything together.  I may use clay, more likely mortar, or possibly a synthetic mix.  But for now, I'm nailing in strips of wood to fill some of the empty space.  Before actually daubing it, I'll cover the floors and see if the boys would have fun pushing loose straw anywhere they can get it to stay.

Here's a picture of my progress, so far:

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