61: Featured in "Tiny House!"

Apparently, there's a national trend or at least an evolving subculture dedicated to building and then actually living in tiny houses. Some seem to do it because it's cute; others are living frugally, saving on the structure so they can live on an otherwise unaffordable piece of land. Still others do it to downsize their lives and simplify living in what seems to be an increasingly materialistic and unsustainable society of ownership and ubiquitous stuff, with expanding dwellings to hold it all in, until they burst...

I won't actually live in our cabin, but I did get some great camping hammocks the other day! And this site offers a connection point, even a forum to reach other like-minded folk, a resource that'll help me lots as I decide how to furnish, heat, and finish the cabin.

Here! http://tinyhouseblog.com

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  1. How lovely these cabin looked,I wish I own them


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