101: Thoughts on Polyurethane

I was a bit unhappy the other night, at midnight, the next evening after I took the pictures in chapter 100.  I had worked late into the night on the inside walls.  A fresh coat of high-gloss polyurethane looks wet, and cold -- under the glare of a white, LED headlamp, all the warmth seemed to have deserted the interior -- the walls looked shiny and reflected light into my eyes.  What had I done!  Although I still regret not using a flat, clear stain on the interior walls, the poly did soak in and dull as it dried, and I like it well enough, now.  My original intent had been to brighten up the space, and I guess it does that.  I may well stick to the single coat on the walls though, or even apply a semi-gloss over it.

The floor now has two coats of semi-gloss, high traffic floor poly.  I'll try to apply a third coat, although this would probably do.  You be the judge!  Here are some pictures:


  1. It looks beautiful!! I am SO enjoying watching the progress. Thanks for the blog.

    I'd opt for an extra coat, particularly on the floor. We have a bad traffic pattern on our floor. I don't mind it, it show 'life' but most folks would avoid it, and if I do it over I'll put down an extra layer of protection. I guess it's the prepper instinct, too; 'two is one and one is none'. If it turns out you should do three, now's the time. If it turns out you don't, nothing lost but the cost of thee extra coat.

  2. Thanks! I think I'll (a) go for a 3rd coat on the floor and (b) just let the shiny walls dull on their own, as the poly gathers dust and loses its sheen.

    I appreciate the compliments.


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