94: Mother's Day Hammer Session

This Mother's Day morning, after the boys made a perfect cappuccino for Sloan, and after the presentation of their splendid water-painting card and painted plaster flowers, I gave mommy a real gift -- I took both boys to the cabin to hammer in the heads of the sharp, slightly protruding finish nails along the lengths of trim that yesterday I tacked over the ugly spray foam that insulates the back side of the exterior chinking.  She stayed on the couch and read a book.

Unhappy with the look of Great Stuff spray foam, but pleased with its ability to seal any small holes and gaps in the concrete chinking while insulating gaps, I've been perplexed about what to do.  Finally, I settled on wood.  Ralph Morgan sold me some .5 inch thick 1x4 planks.  Some, I ripped with a table saw.  A finish carpenter I'm not, but it lends a bright, pleasing, smooth look to the the interior, and it covers up all the foam.  After treating it with Penetreat, I'll coat it with a golden "Natural" semi-transparent, oil-based stain, along with the logs and the second floor.


  1. AnonymousMay 10, 2011

    You have a wonderful project here. I hope one day to be so lucky. Cheers to you! Wish I had something constructive to say, or a suggestion for you to mull over, but it looks like everything is moving along just as it should. The obvious question would be: What are you going to do when it's finished?

  2. Thanks! Tons of projects exist on the back burner -- hiking with the boys and wife, too. Sloan has some *inside* the house stuff for me to attend to -- I tend to neglect inside stuff for outside fun. Thanks for your kind words. It's been a journey for sure.

  3. Love your chinking solution! I did some of that using strips of sassafras but I didn't have enough to cover everything. Looks great!

  4. Having a small local sawmill 3 miles down the road helps. I'm worried about Ralph, though. Yesterday, he was digging and hurt his back back. Sounds like a herniated disk. Hope not, for his sake especially, but also because that'd kill his production, and a little 2-man sawmill is value-added in a community.


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