91: Questions

I've received almost no comments lately.  I'd love to hear some questions or get some advice from readers.  Here -- should I put the second floor down diagonally?  I think so but haven't decided.

How should I furnish the cabin?  The plastic adirondack chairs need to go.  Any other ideas?

Expect posts soon on exciting subjects, like stain.

And I'll post pictures again very soon!


  1. OK how about the stain issue. I really don't want to do it but I'm gonna. I already stained the bottom four exterior courses of logs because I was concerned about snow and rain piling up around the outside lower courses. So now I really need to stain everything to make it look a bit nicer but more importantly to help preserve the wood. OH and how about those wasps! Have you had any in your cabin yet? I've chased a couple dozen out so far and I know they are in there while I'm away. I'd hate to bug bomb the place, Any remedies for mud daubers?

  2. I think an exterior, oil-based stain is useful, both to preserve the wood and to keep the logs from turning gray (unless you want that, of course). I sprayed Penetreat (chapter 40) on the unsealed logs, and I think wasps don't like it (so far!).

  3. AnonymousMay 18, 2011

    Hi Michael,

    I just read the blog and really enjoyed the pictures and text of the boys
    looking for Trillium. Thy're really cute. Also enjoyed getting caught up to
    date on the cabin. Seems to me that the furniture which would go best would be something rough-hewn that you make yourself, not store-bought and certainly not plastic.


  4. Hey -- mud daubers -- see my Chapter 40 -- http://coldholler.blogspot.com/2010/08/cabin-chapter-33-protection.html apparently, bees don't like the taste or smell of borate. Won't kill them but'll keep them away.


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