99: Photos of dinner guests, inspecting the cabin...

I finished staining the front today.  Here's the big question -- should I take the stain inside as well, or go with a clear polyurethane in there?  If I go clear, then we'll keep the nice striped contrast between the logs and wood strips.  If I stain it, then everything will match.  If I use clear poly inside, everything will be lighter and feel bigger.  If I stain it, it'll be very warm.   What to do?

Here, our friends the Buddens and Risto Atanasov came to dinner last evening.  Risto is an extraordinary chef -- he brought a large crock pot full of spicy, homemade tomato-basil soup and a massive amount of sublimely-wonderful moussaka, prepared the way his mother cooks it back home in Macedonia.  Mark Budden brought a huge plate of sushi rolls hat he spent most of the morning preparing.  We ate well.

Here they are, inspecting the cabin...

Look up!

Aspen peers out the screen vent window...

Emma peers out the window I'm about to screen.

Abel and Aspen and Emma and Mark

Aspen and Emma check out the loft.
Angus brought a crust of bread from dinner...

I handed Risto the big hammer, and Abel joined him for a picture.  Look carefully at the background to see Mark peering out the door. 

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