102: Progress report and remaining steps

Late last night, again using a headlamp, I almost finished the outside staining.  I ran out of stain with just a small amount of exterior ceiling left, on the back side.  Hopefully, I can buy just a quart to finish the job.

Early this morning, I finished the floor.

I decided what to do about the too-shiny interior walls.  I'll simply brush over them with steel wool and then add a coat of satin poly over the gloss.  I understand that some cabinet makers do exactly that -- they'll use undercoats of clear gloss to avoid over-darkening the wood, and then finish with satin.  I think it'll work well.

This is too shiny.  It's nice during the day, but any kind of flashlight reflects blindingly...  Fortunately, there's an easy solution!

Next, I'll frame screens for the four windows (two large lower ones and two small loft openings).  I'll use an old brace drill that belonged to my grandad to create a T-dowel door latch.  I'll build two benches that can be pushed together to create a full-size bed, using a leaf board that'll run the length and sit between them.

Look for pictures soon!

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