100: Staining at night by headlamp

Whenever I'm in a particularly onerous or arduous phase of this project, I seem to go into hyperdrive to get it over with.  Plus, I can smell the barn.  So this evening, after putting the boys to bed, I loaded up and headed to the cabin sporting a headlamp.  I actually like staining fresh, dry wood, but I despise doing it overhead, up on a ladder.  The paint suit I wear will never be the same, and I'll smell like oil-based stain for days.  But, the circumstances give me an excuse for runs and lots of splashes on the chinking.  It's an imperfect structure anyhow, to say the least.  Here are some pictures taken with flash:

Natural semi-transparent Cabot stain looks sort of golden under a flash, or in a sun beam...
On the left, see the unstained back wall.  Unfortunately, it's the high-up wall...

The right side wall was easiest -- no windows!

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