98: More Trillium

The boys are learning to spot Trillium. So far, the only thing I've pointed out to the boys has been poison ivy. But, following last weekend's "Trillium walk," they're zealous about finding more of it and showing us. Early this morning, around 8:00am, we hiked one of the trails on our property.

Angus: "Me Tillum! Look Daddy!"

Abel, authoritatively: "You've got a good eye, Baby."

Angus: "Me find Tillum!"

It was a large Wake Robin specimen, on the trail that leads to their treehouse and rock climbing wall.  One thinks of small boys as being destructive, in a careless if not intentional way.  Not my boys.  Those sticks were used as careful pointers.  Abel, copied by Angus, would use his stick to gently lift leaves to discover the fragile blossoms, hanging beneath their shelter.

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